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Spotlight: Linnea Iannazzone, Director of Outreach and Engagement

Executive Director Lela Hilton
Linnea Iannazzone

When Linnea Iannazzone accepted a position at her alma mater, Bard College, in 2019, her office was across the hall from Clemente's National Academic Director Marina van Zuylen. Their conversations inevitably led to Marina's work with Clemente, and after learning about Linnea's background in small non-profits, Marina asked if she would like to get involved. She became Clemente's first-ever Project Coordinator, and now, Linnea is stepping into the role of Director of Outreach and Engagement.

Get to know Linnea with our quick Q&A!

What makes Clemente and the study of the humanities special to you? I was fortunate enough to get a wonderful liberal arts education at Bard College, and my experience with seminar-style learning in undergrad undoubtedly made me a more curious and thoughtful person. I still remember the first time a professor asked me if I agreed with one of the course texts—up until that point, I hadn't realized that disagreeing with an assigned reading was even an option. I believe that everyone should have the experience of engaging with the humanities in a supportive and respectful environment—it's a proven way to build community, explore our differences, and connect to the common thread of the human experience. I'm so glad I get to help bring that experience to more people through my work with Clemente. Please share a favorite Clemente memory, or a favorite "fact" about the program that makes you proud to share your time and support!

My favorite Clemente moments have been the times when I was able to connect with students, professors, and alumni to hear their stories and learn about the ways that Clemente has made an impact on their lives. I love attending the annual Academic Director retreat and watching our brilliant educators inspire and learn from each other. Another favorite memory was the Q&A after a screening of A Reckoning in Boston featuring Clemente alums Kafi Dixon and Patrick Rodriguez, who both spoke passionately about the importance of a humanities education as groundwork in the fight for a more equitable world.

What do you do outside of the Clemente universe? I'm proud to say that Clemente is now my full-time job! Beyond that, I write fiction and serve as a Senior Editor at the literary magazine Conjunctions. I also love to hike with my dog, volunteer in my community, and enjoy the vibrant arts and culture of the Hudson Valley.

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